What does IP65 mean? IP65 Rating Explained

The IP65 means the degree of protection against accidental contact and ingress of dust along with water jets from any direction.

Here, ‘IP’ stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection, and digits ’65’ describe the exact degree of protection against contact, and the ingress of foreign bodies as well as water.

IP65 meaning
IP65 rating meaning

You may have seen IP ratings such as IP65 on lights and other electrical appliances. Ever wondered what this IP65 rating is for? In this article, we will discuss, What does IP65 mean in lighting? And things you need to know about IP65 rating to choose the appropriate lights and lighting units for home and outdoor.

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What does IP65 mean?

The IP65 marking is an indication of the degree of protection of an electrical device. You can find these on many LED lights and other electrical devices.

IP65 light
IP65 light

The symbol IP is an abbreviation for Ingress Protection also called International Protection and the following digits 65 describe the exact degree of protection.

The first number stands for protection against contact and foreign bodies. The second digit describes the protection against moisture.

The IP code is internationally standardized and ensures that lights and other electrical devices do not pose any risk. An IP65 luminaire must comply with certain regulations so that it can be labeled with protection class IP65.

IP65 meaning

IndicatorsProtection against contactProtection against foreign bodiesProtection against water
1st digit: 6Complete protection against accidental contactProtection against ingress of dust (dust-tight)
2nd digit: 5Protection against water jets from any direction
IP65 rating explained

The first digit of a luminaire with protection class IP65 means that it is completely protected against contact and against the ingress of dust.

The second code number still protects the lamp against water jets from all directions.

Is IP65 waterproof?

The protection against water jets indicates the waterproofness of an IP65 light or lighting fixture. But that is only partially correct. That means,

IP65 is waterproof but partially.

For example, a lamp with protection class IP65 may be hosed down with a garden hose. However, this must not be submerged. For this at least protection class IP67 is necessary.

Is IP65 rainproof?

IP65 lights are protected against water jets and are therefore ideal for outdoor use.

IP65 rating is suitable for rain.

While lights with protection class IP44 should only be attached directly to the house wall or under a roof, IP65 lamps can also be used outdoors when it is raining.

Where are IP65 rated lights suitable?

For which installation locations and environments are IP65 rated lights suitable?

Thanks to the water jet protection from any direction, the lights or lighting fixtures are often suitable for outdoors or for damp rooms.

Where exactly the protection class IP65 may be used always depends on the exact installation location.

IP65 outdoors

Lighting fixtures with IP65 protection can be installed in various places outdoors or in the garden.

The lamps are protected against rain thanks to the protection against water jets from all directions. Thanks to the dust-tightness, no insects can get into the interior of the luminaire and contaminate or damage it.

There is a large number of IP65 luminaires for outdoor use on the market. The selection ranges from classic LED outdoor wall lights to outdoor spotlights to path lights.

IP65 is waterproof but partially

Especially when using in-ground lights, it should be noted that IP65 outdoor lights are not completely waterproof. If the luminaire can be temporarily underwater at the place of use, protection class IP67 is required.

IP65 in the bathroom

In the bathroom and other damp rooms, special care is required due to the combination of water and electricity.

Different requirements and regulations apply here depending on the installation location.

IP65 lights are protected against water jets and may be used in the area above the shower or bathtub up to a height of 2.25m. Their operating voltage must not exceed 25V / AC or 60V / DC.

IP65 unsuitable for immersion water

IP65 bathroom lights may really only be used above the shower and bathtub. If these are temporarily underwater, the lights must be protected against submersion water (IP67).


Lights or lighting fixtures with an IP65 rating are completely protected against contact and dust-tight. Furthermore, they are resistant to water jets from any direction. With this very high level of protection, IP65 lights are a good choice for many installation locations in damp rooms or outdoors.