How To Illuminate A Pond?

You can light up a pond in a lot of different ways. You have to find the right balance by using the right lights in the right places. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a pond that is hard to see or a beacon for planes that fly low. Also, you might end up … Read more

Why light bulb is important?- The History

In the very first moment, The development of the light bulb was marked by intense competition, as well as a number of significant setbacks and triumphs. Some people consider the electric light bulb to be the most significant invention made by humans since the creation of fire. The light bulb made it possible for us … Read more

Does light affect mood?

Yes! It does. Let’s learn how light affects mood. It’s extremely likely that you’re reading this in a darkened room with the lights turned on. Most individuals spend the most of their days in confined rooms, bathed in a combination of artificial and natural light. However, while artificial light has provided mankind with innumerable opportunities, … Read more

Why LED consumes less power?

A semiconductor is found in a light-emitting diode (LED). The semiconductor functions as a junction, filtering electrical energy and emitting light as a byproduct. Light is thus emitted immediately from the source input, without the need for a separate light-generating load to be powered beforehand (e.g. filament). As a result, LED consumes less electricity than … Read more

Why Do Lightbulbs Keep Blowing?

Of course, we all use lightbulbs on a daily basis. Lightbulbs that keep blowing are not only inconvenient but also dangerous. If your lightbulbs keep blowing, it’s time to investigate the source of the problem. Then, if there are symptoms of deeper electrical difficulties, do some investigating and possibly call a certified electrician. The Most … Read more

Can you cut LED light strips?

Whether you want to brighten your kitchen cabinets or backlight your TV, LED strip lights have a solution for everything. LED strips are popular because of their versatility. They are made up of a sequence of LED emitters mounted on a small, flexible circuit board. There is just one reason to be concerned. The majority … Read more

Do lava lamps go bad or expire?

Lava lamps, like every other product, have an expiration date. Although most lava lamps do not have an expiration date, these incandescent lights also burn out with time. Lava lamps typically have a lifespan of 2000 hours. It is merely a standard for determining the longevity of lava lamps. The majority of sellers will replace … Read more

Do LED lights attract silverfish? Why?

Did you see silverfish on the wall above your head or in the toilet when you woke up at night? Worried about how it enters a well-lit room with led lights? They appear to be frightening, unsightly, and unwelcome. One question came to mind when I was trying to get rid of them. Are silverfish … Read more

Can you charge solar light batteries in a charger?

How can you charge your solar battery without a sun? Do you need a special charger for solar batteries? Or Can you charge solar light batteries in a charger? Yes, you can charge solar light batteries with a battery charger. Actually, you can charge any rechargeable battery with an alternate source. Solar batteries are just … Read more

Light Bulb Base Sizes or Socket Sizes-A Complete Guide

When performing repairs, restorations, and lighting creations, it is critical to select items that are specifically tailored for the job at hand. Sockets aren’t just sockets. It’s possible that it’s an E39 Keyless Porcelain Socket. Fortunately, there are standards in the lighting sector, and parts are manufactured according to specifications. To fit the socket, bulbs … Read more