What does IP44 mean? IP44 Rating Explained

The IP44 means the degree of protection against solid objects bigger than 1 mm and splashing water from all directions.

Here, ‘IP’ stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection, and digits ’44’ describe the exact degree of protection against contact, and the ingress of foreign bodies as well as water.

What does IP44 mean
Ip44 meaning

You may have seen IP ratings such as IP44 on lights and other electrical appliances. Ever wondered what this IP44 rating is for? In this article, we will discuss, What does IP44 mean in lighting? And things you need to know about IP44 rating to choose the appropriate lights and lighting units for home and outdoor.

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What does IP44 rating mean?

The IP Code, or Ingress Protection Code, also termed as International Protection Code is published by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). IEC standard 60529 classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. So, what is IP44?

The digits followed by IP describe the exact degree and types of protection.

The first digit stands for protection against contact and foreign bodies typically solid. The second digit represents the protection against water.

With the help of this internationally standardized IP code, it is ensured that the lamp or electrical device does not pose a risk at any time. Every IP 44 light or lighting fixture must have certain properties so that it can receive the IP 44 rating.

IP44 meaning

IP44, What does it mean actually is illustrated in the following table.

Indicators Protection against contactProtection against foreign bodiesProtection against water
1st digit: 4 Protection against contact with tools or wireProtection against foreign bodies with ∅ ≥ 1.0mm
2nd digit: 4Protection against splash water from all directions
IP44 meaning

An IP44 lamp is protected against contact with tools or a wire and against foreign objects with a diameter greater than 1mm as well as protected against splashing water from all directions.

Is IP44 Waterproof?

Lights or electrical devices with IP44 rating are not waterproof.

Due to the splash protection, it is sometimes assumed that IP44 lights or electrical devices are also waterproof.

However, this is a mistake because lights or electrical devices with protection class IP44 are not waterproof.

To be waterproof, at least an IP65 rating is required.

Is ip44 suitable for rain?

Now comes the question, “Is IP44 Rainproof?”

Ip44 is not suitable for heavy rain.

Rain is usually considered to be splashing water, and therefore IP44 lights can also be installed outdoors.

However, it is advisable to only use such lights directly on the house wall or under a canopy.

In the event of heavy rain directly outside, luminaires like these with IP65 and IP67 are the safe choice.

Where can IP44 be used?

For which environmental conditions and locations are IP44 luminaires suitable? Due to the all-around protection against splash water, the lights are sometimes ideal for outdoor use and damp rooms. Whether or not protection class IP44 can be used always depends on the exact installation location.

IP44 Rating Outdoor

Is IP44 suitable for outdoor use?

Luminaires with protection class IP44 are not completely weatherproof but are well suited for mounting on the house wall or under a roof overhang.

The lamp is protected against normal rain due to the splash protection from all directions.

Thanks to the protection against foreign bodies from 1mm in diameter, no insects can get into the interior of the lamp and damage or contaminate it.

Here you will find a variety of IP44 lights for outdoor use. The selection ranges from illuminated house numbers to classic LED outdoor wall lights and outdoor spotlights.

Are IP44 lights suitable for the garden?

IP44 outdoor lights are not completely waterproof and must therefore not be installed outdoors without protection.

At least IP65 rated lights (What is ip65?) are required for path lights or as garden spotlights. But lights with protection covering like this can be used in the garden.

IP44 Bathroom Lights

The bathroom is considered a damp room, and it is well known that water and electricity do not get along well.

That is why different regulations and lighting requirements apply in the bathroom, depending on the installation location.

Whenever you are installing lighting in a bathroom, then you must buy at least an IP44 light fixture.

Anything less than this is not allowed and could be dangerous as water and steam could get into the fitting itself.

IP44 lights can be installed in the vicinity of water sources due to their protection against splash water.

This means that an IP44 bathroom lamp can be installed within a radius of 60 cm around the sink, shower, or bathtub up to a height of 2.25m.

But not allowed to fit in inside a shower cubicle or bath. There are varieties of IP44 bathroom Ceiling lights, Downlights, and Pendant lights to choose from.

Here at Amazon, you can find various IP44 lights suitable for your bathroom.

IP44 Bathroom Lights

IP44 lights are unsuitable inside the shower or bathtub

IP44 bathroom lights may really only be used in the area outside of the shower and bathtub. Within this area, the luminaires must be waterproof and protected against water jets (IP65) or even immersion water (IP67).


The IP44 protection class is something in between interior lights without any protection against moisture and completely waterproof lights for wet areas or outdoors. IP44 lighting units are protected against the ingress of insects and splashing water. Thanks to this medium level of protection, the lights can still be manufactured in modern designs and offered in a diverse selection at low cost. This is in short, what does IP44 mean. Hope you’ve grabbed the basics of IP44 rating. Cheers.