LED candles – This is what battery-powered wax candles can do

During any festival you can often see them outside or by the window: LED candles that flicker in the dark and pose no risk of fire. Candles are also gaining ground in cemeteries. What is it with these wax candles and how does it work?

Of course there are also big differences in the LED candle sector – as almost everywhere. Expensive is not always good and long-lived at the same time, and cheap is synonymous with inferior and short-lived.

Various functions

Nevertheless: the more functions your LED wax candle has, the more expensive it is. The market offers candles with:

  • Timer function
  • Change of light color
  • Flickering light
  • Remote control
  • In various colors
  • Battery-operated or rechargeable batteries (for the sake of the environment, please choose rechargeable batteries. These can be recharged several times and thus ensure (sometimes for years) the most beautiful shine of lights. All you have to do is get a charger, which is often available to buy in discount stores.

Purposes of use

What do buyers use the versatile LED wax candles for? There are hardly any limits to your creativity. You can use the candles for

  • Decoration both indoors and outdoors
  • Grave design
  • very subdued illumination of places.

There is of course no problem with the risk of fire – probably the greatest advantage of LED wax candles. You can use the timer function to place your candles in a location of your choice, completely unattended, and let the candles do their job in the evening and at night.

LED Candles

The nice accessories look particularly great on the terrace or in the entrance areas of houses in the dark. Candles add a touch of romance and wellbeing.

For the garden, the cemetery, or for Religious Fests

The market offers you a lot of optically different LED candles: from tealights to narrow table candles for candlesticks, C.andles in red tones, and with lots of glitter to candles with wax drops for a particularly appealing look, there is almost nothing that doesn’t exist.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Before buying LED candles, please check whether they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use . You can put almost any candle in your living room; For outdoor use, however, the wax candles have to be considerably more robust as they are exposed to wind and weather.