Maintenance costs of LEDs

You probably already know: LED lighting is not only more environmentally friendly, it also saves money on your electricity bills. But one of the most underrated benefits of LED lighting is the lower maintenance costs. This will amortize your initial costs at the speed of light – and there will be no further expenses for … Read more

What is lumen?

Lumen is a unit of measure for the amount of visible light emitted by a source. It is defined as the amount of light that is emitted per unit of time and is used to measure the brightness of a light source. Lumens = Light Output The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the … Read more

What are the advantages of LED? 5 reasons why you should switch immediately

The trend when it comes to lighting is clearly going in one direction: LED. Whether for offices, industry and warehouses, underground garages or as safety lighting for the area of ​​your headquarters: LED is worthwhile in several ways. The advantages are obvious, because not only does the environment benefit from the light-emitting diodes, but also … Read more

Why should you stop using fluorescent tubes?

In the past, fluorescent tubes were good alternatives to incandescent lamps and halogens. But they have many disadvantages: They start slowly, flicker, make noises, have a short service life, and high energy consumption. That is why it is worth switching to LED. LEDs are not only much more efficient, but they also last up to … Read more

Can LED bulbs be recycled?

Do LED lights need to be recycled? Yes, led lights need to be recycled, and led lights are recyclable. LEDs do not belong in the household waste, they have to be recycled. They contain electronic components that are very valuable and should be recycled. These include rare earths and electronic components such as diodes and … Read more

What does L80 B10 mean for LED Lights?

With the use of LEDs, as with any electrical device, the lighting tends to gradually decrease. There is a standard called L80 B10 that determines the lifespan of LEDs. We will inform you what exactly this means and what you can pay attention to when choosing your LEDs. The specification L80B10 describes the time after … Read more

How long do LED lights last? Get Improved LED Lifespan

LEDs have a very long lifespan. LED lights last longer than incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, or other conventional lights. The average lifespan of led lights is 50,000 to 100,000 hours. An LED rated at 50,000 hours will last more than 11 years if utilized 12 hours a day. It will last 17 years if used for … Read more