LED lights glow dim when switched off? Dangerous? How to Fix?

Did you see light stays on dim when switch is off? Surprising, isn’t it?

Why do LED lights glow dim when switched off?

This is quite a common issue, especially with low-quality cheap LEDs. But, the good news is that you can easily fix the problem—and by the end of this post, you will learn how to stop LED lights glowing when off.

So let’s walk along.

Why do LED bulbs glow when switched off?

An LED bulb has a much higher resistance on the count of the integrated power supply unit compared to incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps. What actually happens is that the serial connection of the LED lamp clamps the circuit even after you turn the switch off. Which supplies a low voltage drop to appear across the LED driver, and causes the LED bulb to glow dimly.

Factors why light stays on dim when switch is off

Besides, there are other factors that cause the LED bulbs glow even when switched off. These are:

  • Poor Quality Bulbs
  • LED bulb stores energy.
  • Problem with the electrical circuit

Poor Quality Bulbs

The quality of LED bulbs varies a lot. Most often, you’ll find low-quality LED bulbs glow, buzz, or flicker even when powered off.

LED Bulbs Store Energy

The luminescent or phosphor layer of LED or the LED driver keeps some energy stored for some moment. You can easily check if this is the cause or not. Quickly remove the LED from the socket just after switching off. See, if the LED glows dimly or not. If it does, then this is due to the residual energy stored in the LED phosphor layer or in the components of the LED driver circuit. If the light doesn’t glow when removed from the socket, then the problem may lie with the Electrical Installation circuit.

A problem with the Electrical Circuit

Sometimes the issue lies not with the bulbs but with the electrical circuit. Sometimes, the light switch lets through residue electricity even when the switch is turned off. That causes the lights to glow dimly and consistently.

This scenario can occur because of any of the following reasons:

  • The neutral wire is not bonded properly to the earth or the earth wire is at an extremely high resistance.
  • An electromagnetic induction may also cause a small pick-up of electricity from cables running along with each other.
  • The type of light switch or dimmer or an incorrectly connected switch.

Now you know, why do led lights glow when turned off. But, how do you stop your led from glowing when off? Keep reading.

How to stop led lights glowing when off?

Searching for a led lights glow when switched off fix? If your light bulb stays on when switch is off, the following points may help you stop led lights glowing.

The first solution is to replace the LED bulb.
We recommend you buy LED bulbs from a reputable and recognized LED manufacturer.

Make sure there’s no problem with the electrical wiring.
Consult with your electrician to inspect the electrical wiring in your home. Your electrician will be able to find out if the “LED bulb glowing when off problem” is happening due to closely packed cable organization or some other wiring problem.

Danger Alert: Do Not Take Risk, Call a qualified Electrician.

Check the suitability of the old Electronic Dimmer with your LED lamp and replace it if needed.
Check the minimum load of the old electronic dimmer and compare it with your LED lamp. If the minimum load is not reached, replacing it will help.

Disconnect the glow lamp of the Night Light Switch or replace it with a variant having an additional connection for the neutral conductor
Disconnecting the glow lamp of the Light switch with Night Light should prevent the glowing effect. Or Replace it with a Night Light Switch which has an additional connection for the neutral conductor.

Now, you know how to stop led lights glowing when off. Is it dangerous if led light stays on when switch is off.

Light bulb glows when switched off is it dangerous?

Is it dangerous for led lights to glow when off? No, it’s not much dangerous if the problem is with the light. But, be sure to check if there is an electrical wiring problem or leakage current exists if you plan to replace the light from the light fixture.

Though the leakage currents amplitude is small enough to cause a serious threat, its better to maintain safety.

Things to know if your light stays on dim when switch is off

How LED Bulb Stores Energy?

The LED bulb mainly stores energy in the:

  • Luminescent Phosphor Layer
  • LED Driver

Glowing Luminescent Phosphor Layer

A Luminescent Layer of Phosphor is added to the blue LED to produce white light. The Luminescent layer can store a certain amount of energy depending on the semiconductor material used and emit in the form of light for a period of time in the range of a few seconds to minutes.

Stored Energy in the LED Driver

LED driver is an electronic circuit that delivers the required current to turn on the LED. The LED driver contains electrical components like Capacitors, Inductors. These components have energy-storing properties. Depending on the circuit design, the components can have sufficient energy stored to supply some current to the LED to glow faintly even if the power is turned off. Once the energy is discharged, the LED stops glowing.

How does electronic dimming affect the dim glow of LED Lights?

Many Electronic dimmers from old age used with halogen or incandescent bulbs don’t suit LED lights. If you are just replacing the old lamps with an LED light but still using an old Electronic Dimmer, you are likely to experience this ghostly glow.
Old electronic dimmers need a minimum load to function correctly, which the economical design of LED light doesn’t offer. If the minimum load is not achieved, the dimmer cannot completely turn off the output voltage even after powering down. That is why the LED light stays on dim when the switch is off.

How does electromagnetic induction due to parallel cable cause the dim glow of LED light?

Parallel cables running long distances through corridors or staircases to supply electricity to another point induce some voltages due to electromagnetic induction. These conductors are connected to the switches. The small induced voltages can cause the LED light stays on dim when switch is off. Installing a bypass capacitor may resolve this issue. The assistance of a qualified technician is recommended.

Final Words

Happy to find you at this point. Hopefully, now you know, why does the light bulb glow when switched off and How to stop led lights from glowing when off. It’s not a major issue but if it’s disturbing you better replace it with a good quality LED lamp. And if that doesn’t solve your problem, consult a qualified electrician. He or she will fix the electrical installation circuit-related issues.